Rabbi Ariel Asa

General Rules of the Bris

The bris of a healthy boy must be held on the eighth day after birth. This applies even on Shabbat or Yom Tov (Jewish holiday), unless the mohel does not live withing walking distance or the baby was delivered by a caesarian section. In these instances the bris is done the day after Shabbat or Yom Tov. Postponing the bris due to other considerations, though understandable, is not approved.

The eight days are calculated by counting the day of birth as the first day. Thus if a child was born on Monday before sundown, the bris would be the following Monday. If he was born after sundown (the beginning of the Jewish day), it would take place the following day a week later (Tuesday).

The ideal time of day to have the bris is in the morning hours, but it can take place any time before sundown.

If either the doctor or the mohel have any concerns about the well being of the baby (eg. infant jaundice) the bris is postponed until all concerns are resolved.

It is ideal to have a minyan (quorum) at the bris, but not mandatory.

It is customary to serve a festive meal in honor of the bris. (For help with food arrangements see caterers in resource section).