Rabbi Ariel Asa

The Ceremony

A brief introduction by the mohel or another rabbi is given about the bris. If candles are being lit, they would be done at this point.

The mother then hands the baby to the Kvaters as he is brought forward to the area where the bris will take place. Often the parents will read a special prayer together at that moment. The person designated to place the baby on the chair of Elijah takes the baby and places him on a chair as an explanation for this custom is given. The father takes his son, is given the "choice" whether he would like to perform the bris himself, and gives him to the sandek.

The bris is performed as the mohel and then the father each make a blessing. The baby is handed to someone to hold him for the blessings and baby naming. Often the parents will add a few words of their own about their child's namesake and other thoughts on their mind. The bris concludes with the singing of Siman Tov and then everyone partakes in the festive meal.