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Last Updated: March 16, 2006

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A Note From Rabbi Asa

What happens when a new child arrives in the Jewish community?

It's cause for celebration! And we have great gratitude for the precious gift. The joy is felt by parents and family... and also by the entire Jewish people.

In the case of a male child, Judaism instructs parents to enter their sons into this time-honored covenant -- that begins thousands of years ago with our for father Abraham, And continues proudly to this day -- the special covenant of the brit milah. It's most commonly known as the bris.

Since there are always questions to ask, I'm available to discuss any issues with you either before your son is born or the week before the bris. During the bris, I strive to make it meaningful, with explainations that fit your family's traditons... and provide experience and expertise, certified by the former national supervisor of Mohels for the state of Israel, Rabbi Yosef Weisberg. And after, I provide an in house check-up on the procedure. That's what people call "The Asa Difference."

Being a mohel, this is my full time calling, and I'll travel anywhere to perform a brit milah -- most frequently I travel to the southeastern states of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida... or wherever I'm needed even as far a New Zealand.

I hope this website will be helpful and informative regarding this very precious commandment of ritual circumcision.

I look forward in sharing this simchah with you!

Rabbi Ariel Asa
Atlanta, GA

P.S. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail note if you have any questions, I'll be pleased to answer by e-mail or phone.

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